Civilization begins in the home
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Intact Structures Designs will produce low cost durable ferrocement housing systems with multiple design configurations. Intact Structures goal is to utilize water
collection and water management to create the circumstance of self sustaining housing and village complexes by enabling the people to collect and store rainwater and runoff. This will give them the ability to manage and develop their own water resource. The cantilevered ferrocement retaining wall will add to the development of the food and water sustainability of the people’s independent healthy life style. Water is the origin of life.

Illustrated by HYE JEONG PARK

A list of design facts and objectives follows;

  1. Intact Structures building designs collect and store rainwater.

    • This enables people to manage water for non-mechanical waster water treatment.
    • This enables people to have thousands of gallons of water stored for use in times of drought.
    • This enables people to practice bio-dynamic farming methods.

  2. Intact Structures cantilevered retaining wall design is a solution to hillside drainage and erosion problems that include loss of rain and ground water because of uncontrolled runoff. This construction creates a wall design that achieves the following goals.

    • It increases cultivatable land area by extending the horizontal plane of the hillside as in step farming.
    • It controls the ground water that would otherwise continue down the slope eroding, flooding and lost forever. It accomplishes this by providing a subterranean slab of geotextile over substrate base. As the water hits the controlled geotextiles the gravity circumstance changes by directing the water to a system of perforated pipes connected to a ferrocement tank underground away from the erosion cleave.
    • Because the water is in the tank it can be managed.
      • i. It could be used for gravity feed spray or drip irrigation farming, conventional irrigation or other uses possibly home or factory
    • It could be directed immediately to catch basins or depleted aquifers’ to replenish the water table where needed possibly miles away.